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Welcome to White Knight Bulldogs. The reason I named my  Bulldogs, "White Knight  Bulldogs" is because I have always been very interested in the Middle Ages. I learned that was the time period of the true European (English) working bulldog 1500ís to 1700ís (Alant, Bonddogge, Bandogge, Butchers Dog, Bulldog).

In the 1800ís they began infusing Terrier blood to the bulldog they wanted a faster dog that was also more agile for Pit Fighting. Bull baiting was then illegal and you needed less space for illegal pit fighting than Bull and Bear baiting (1835). That explains why the English show bulldogs are smaller (1900ís).

The reason I like the name "Knight" to describe my bulldogs is because the definition of knight (In the Websterís Random House Dictionary) 1. (In the Middle Ages) a man raised to honorable military rank and bound to Chivalrous conduct. Next look up the word chivalrous and you will see 1. Of chivalry, 2. Having the qualities of a Knight, as Courage, Courtesy, and Loyalty. Under chivalry it says "the institution of medieval knighthood. Need I say more?

And White is because I understand the foundation dogs of the American Bulldog was mostly White because they are/were also called, Old English Whites, Olí Country Whites, Ol' Southern Whites and White English.




The reason I chose the breeding stock I have now is, because they do the work of the original Bulldogs, which is catch work as well as Farm Utility Work.

Never in all of the books I have read on Bulldog history (English bulldog, Pit Bull) have I read a mention of weight pulling (American Pull Dogs?) or protection (American Protection/Sport Dogs?) All of the early readings of old Bulldogs of the 1500-1700ís were all about hunting and catching large dangerous animals such as Boar, Bear, Stag, Wild cattle and baiting Bulls And Bear !

And the main usage of the Ol Southern White/White English Bulldog Down South has always been Farm Utility Work and Hunting.


Dogs bred from Hog Hunting Stock have Much Better temperaments and are unstoppable family protectors.




Notice: the Amazing

similarity the dog on the Top Left has

to OUR


And the dog on the

bottom right has to



They share the same build

required to do


Also notice 2 out of 3 dogs are

WHITE !!!!!



My breeding stock has been tested on Wild Boar Hog only IN THE WOODS (not domestic pen pigs). My male Hog Hammer was catching Wild Boar Hogs since he was 6 months old at a Trophy Hunters Lodge everyday not just weekends for recreation. He caught for a living as seen on the 1997 Trophy Hunters lodge show tape and on video. His original owner Jay once said,

"He (Hammer) surpasses most Americanís Iíve seen, as a matter of fact Iíve never seen an American Bulldog as good as him. Iíve never seen an American Bulldog raised by any kennel nowhere that got the athletic ability, the drive or the heart that heís got. I mean he is a super dog when it comes to American Bulldogs".

 He considers Flash (Hines Snowbird) his Boss Hog and his other Bulldogs "White Bulldogs" not American Bulldogs.



Our Foundation Dogs

HOG HAMMER  OFA GOOD at 54 months old, CD3, CGC


Rest in Peace

Hog Hammer is a great dog to own.   He does not bark all day, but when there is a strange face in our yard "he will sure let us know"!!  He is always glad to see me and is so affectionate you would think he wouldn't hurt a fly.  When agitated  he showed us he has what it takes to protect us. When he has a job to do he does it and is the sweetest dog in the world right afterward.  He is great with kids and people , not dog aggressive or people aggressive.

Yet Tested hard on Wild Boar.




PENN-HIP LH .38  RH .29

Rest in Peace

We were very fortunate to get Pretty Patches from our friend Gary Fuller at Fullers American Bulldogs in CA.. She was originally purchased from Joe Montalbo and is straight Kershners. She is out of Montalbo's White Lighting and Montalbo's Beauty. She weighs 70 lbs.. At 14 months her OFA Pre-Lem was GOOD and her Penn-Hip was LH .38  RH .29 with NO- DJD.   Patches is a proven catch dog and has had 1 litter before we got her. Out of this litter dogs are catching and doing protection. (2 Gary kept Fullers Buster and Fullers Petey).  I have always said if I could find a Painter dog that catches and was not dog aggressive (and had Scott dogs in the background )  I would love to own it.

Well here she is Fuller's Pretty Patches.





I Can't Begin to tell you how Proud I am to have O'l  JJ here .. I have been keeping tabs on this dog Since birth . When the Chance came to buy him "All I Can Say Is I Jumped On It "!!

JJ was bred by the Stout's and originally owned by Denny Alvarez in Ga. Denny named him JJ in honor of Jay Dorsey and James Stout two men responsible for producing him. JJ is a Littermate to our Hog Wild Woman . I have been told JJ might be the BEST Catch Dog I have .  He has hunted in the Wild in Georgia since he was 6 months old and Caught ! He has caught Some Rank Boar by himself with no Cut Collar or Vest on. And has even Caught a Cow once before we got him.  JJ is a Very Affectionate dog But Keeps Strangers Away until we say its ok !! 

He is out of  Stouts Boss Hog and Stouts Ouija



Hog Wild Woman

OFA  GOOD at 45 months

Hog Wild Woman

OFA  GOOD at 45 months

Rest in Peace

Hog Wild Woman is a daughter of Stoutís Boss Hog and a Littermate to JJ.

Boss has been catching Wild Boar for so many years its been said he has probably caught more Boar Hog than any dog in the country. That could be true because for so many years he caught hogs everyday for Trophy Hunters Lodge. There is no replacing Boss Hog so I bought a bitch out of him. I named her Hog Wild Woman. Womanís mother Ouija (a Kombat Littermate) also Worked at the lodge and is a very well built bitch with high prey drive. The Stoutís have had success breeding Ouija to Boss and Woman has caught.  She has been barking at the door to go out as long as we can remember. Woman is one of the most bold dogs I've ever seen she is afraid of Anything ! She has Great Nerves ! She is built Real Well and can Really Move !  I have never seen this bitch tired or not able to keep up with any dog of Any size or Breed Exercising including a 40lb. Pit Bull or a Springer Spaniel. She shows us a very high prey drive yet   she is Very Stable around Children and is Not At All dog aggressive.



Rest in Peace

Now lets talk about Sister Sledge.  WOW !!     What a Bitch!" It has been said she is a half sister to Stoutís Boss Hog . She is a littermate sister to Dixie War dogs Ice Man. (Both game catch dogs). She is hard on boar and super sweet with us. She is the first to bark if there is a strange face in my yard. Sissyís 1st and 2nd catches were on Wild Boar Hogs. As a matter of fact on her 2nd boar (100lb plus dog fighter) with razor sharp tusks 4 dogs (including her) were cut. She never quit at only 15 months old and was cut under her chin and on her left shoulder. Sometimes the smaller hogs are more dangerous because their tusks are not too long to curl out of the way. They poke straight up and are razor sharp. They are also much faster and donít tire as quickly. As sweet as she is, she is very game and has a lot of fight drive. She is hard on "Man Or Beast"!

Unfortunately she did not work out for us in our program so we don't have anything down off of her. Nor does anyone we are working with.


Notice: the amazing

similarity the dog in the Picture  on the left has to






Price's "Priceless White Diamond" of  White Knight Bulldog's


Price's "Priceless White Diamond" of  White Knight AB's



Diamond was bred my Mat and Pat Price in Georgia . She is out of a Bitch Darren Jones bred named" Kiya OFA Excellent "(Jones Chance x Karrens Three of Sandvalley), bred to Baileys Rebel (Kittles Casper x Kittles Sissy) .. Her Pedigree goes back to almost ALL  Williamson and her mother is a great granddaughter to Scott's Dixie Man !!  

Diamond  has Caught and was tested Hard one time. She proved to be as Hard as a Diamond .

Diamond has NEVER been Timid or Shy since day one ...She is a sweet ,friendly and Bold bitch that is Very Strong. 

Diamond is Very Blocky and has the pedigree of an "Alabama Bred" Bulldog..

With " NO " JOHNSON Blood !!!

White Knight's Bossy Girl

White Knight's Bossy Girl

( at 10 months old )

Bossy Girl is an Inbred daughter (Father back to Daughter) of Stout's Boss Hog. Her mother is Stout's Angel (Boss Hog x Dolly). Stout's Angel is out of a litter that is well known for catching (Dorsey's Big Head, Stout's Chopper, and of course Bossy Girl's Mom Angel).  Bossy Girl's grandmother Dolly was a professional Hog Dog that Died "Dead Game" on a Bad Wild Boar!  

      There is not a drop of Johnson Blood or any Contemporary AB in Bossy Girl. She is an Ol' Southern White Bulldog with 4x Dorsey's Flash (aka Hines Snowbird) in her pedigree. She and her entire litter have  caught since they were 4 months old !

First Generation


White Knight's "White WAR-LOCK "

White Knight's "White WAR-LOCK "

AKA WAR     OFA  FAIR at 32 months old

Rest in Peace


White WAR-LOCK is the result of our  Hog Hammer - Sister Sledge breeding. He shows us Great Athleticism and Runs like a Greyhound. He is Naturally Protective, has Very High Prey Drive, backed up with " Intense Fight Drive ". He has been TESTED HARD on Wild Boar and he showed us Great Heart !

Our First OSW breeding Proved that these dogs can do Bite Work!

Just what we expected out of Hog Hammer and Sister Sledge

Unfortunately he did not work out for us in our program so we don't have anything down off of him. Nor does anyone we are working with.

White Knight's Country Mountain Boy CD3

White Knight's Country Mountain Boy



Country Mountain Boy (CMB) is out of our First   OFA GOOD,CD3,CGC, Hog Hammer to our OFA GOOD Hog Wild Woman. Yes Two OFA GOOD OSW Bulldogs.

CMB is one of our First Generation Stud Dogs. This Dog Has Small Dog Muscle on a Large Dog Frame. Meaning he is Big, But Ripped! He is Very Strong but Gentle with Children and Young pups. His Temperament is Fantastic. Just like his Mother and Father!

He has Great Nerves. He has Earned his CD3 in the Woods Hunting. He is Extremely Prey Driven and Loves to work. He is a Very Fun and Easy Dog to own and Reminds me of what a Farm Utility Dog has always been.       

White Knight's J-SON





White Knight's J-SON

 J-SON is one of our Males/Studs.

He is out of JJ (Boss/Ouija) and                    Angel (Boss/Dolly).                                           The First registered AB Half Brother /Sister Breeding on Boss Hog !


 We wanted to have the same genetics as we started with for future years. As our Foundation Dogs ( as JJ, Hog Wild Woman and Bossy Girl got older we realized they Wont be here Forever. So we were Lucky enough to be able to talk the Stout's into Breeding JJ to Angle. J-SON is the Male we kept from that breeding. J-SON Loves to Catch hits Hard and has inherited his Fathers (JJ) Extremely Hard Mouth. 

He has Been Tested on Hogs and is Making his Ancestors Very Proud !   

He is the sire of our "The Boss's Son" aka Sonny dog.

White Knight's "Jed Clamp-it"



White Knight's "Jed Clamp-it"

  Jed Clamp-it is out of JJ and Diamond he is a litter mate to our Ellie Mae Clamp-it to Steel Traps Bo and to Bodi and Shogun from the dogs we produced page.

Jed is a Very Friendly dog and Very Mouthy.

You can see his Mothers Pheno type.

White Knight's "Ol' Country White"



Young Pictures



White Knight's "Ol' Country White"

 "Ol Country White" is out of the Second Hog Hammer/Hog Wild Woman Litter.

Country is a Littermate to Southie and

Miss Red Neck.

He is Spring Loaded and Very out going and Friendly and Still Very Prey Driven. Most people that see him in Person cant believe there eyes.

He is Now in the UK and Lives in Wales at  Caldey's American Bulldogs.

White Knight's






































    Do I Look like my father "Hog Hammer" or what?






































White Knight's




"Alabama Slammer"  is the Result of a artificial insemination breeding using our OFA GOOD, CGC,CD3 Hog Hammer's frozen collection to our OFA GOOD, Priceless White Diamond. That was a type to type breeding without any Boss Hog Blood.


This was a breeding we always wanted to do naturally but just ran out of time.

 Both Hog Hammer and Diamond's blood lines go back to Alabama out of some of the oldest, rarest, unchanged, farm utility lines out there. You wont find many like him. Unfortunately most of today's Alabama lines have been either crossed out or out crossed to Pit bull. Slammer is Unchanged.

You can see a lot of Both Hog Hammer  and Diamond in him. He has all of Hog Hammers mannerisms as well as his build. Its almost like having Ol Hammer around sometimes.

Slammer is a young and up and coming dog. We have big plans for him. 


There is no Johnson/Bully AB blood in Slammer . His pheno type comes straight from the original "old style"                         White English/Ol Southern White Bulldogs.

White Knight's "MISS RED NECK"








        Miss Red Neck is the out of our second Hog Hammer / Hog Wild Woman litter. She is a Littermate sister to Southie and Ol Country White and a Full sister to Country Mt Boy. She is appropriately named because she is white with a Red Brindle patch on her neck. She has Great athletic ability and Great pigmentation.  


Second Generation

It just keeps getting Better


White Knight's "Boss Hoss"




White Knight's "Boss Hoss"




BOSS HOSS is the Classic Ol Southern White !  Out of Old WORKING LINES!

BOSS HOSS is out of County Mountain Boy (Hog Hammer/Hog Wild Woman) and Bossy Girl (Boss Hog to his Daughter Angel). Angel is Boss/Dolly.

Tightly bred and Ready to Work!


You can see Boss Dolly as well as the Boss Hog Influence in this dog. He is a throw back from the Early Dorsey dogs of the mid nineties. Dogs like Big Head and Boss Hog himself.


White Knight's Mountain Man




 Getting Air!


White Knight's Mountain Man


 Mountain Man is a young dog out of Country Mountain Boy and Bossy Girl . He is a Full brother to Boss Hoss but out of the second litter. This Dog is Very Athletic and Man Can He Jump! He is Very Drivey, Prey Driven and is a Real Looker!













Man can this boy Jump!

White Knight's "The BOSS's SON "aka "Sonny"

Younger Picture





White Knight's "The BOSS's SON "

aka "Sonny"

"The BOSS's SON" (aka SONNY) is out of JSON (JJ/ANGEL) a Half Brother and Sister Breeding and Miss Red Neck (Hog Hammer/Hog Wild Woman).

He has the Classic "Boss Hog" Pheno Type . But we were able to do what we always wanted to do and that is add some leg!

 He inherent his Fathers (J-SON's) Insane Hard Mouth and his Mother (Miss Red Neck's) Freak Athletic Ability!

 He is the Future of White Knight Bulldogs on the

Boss Hog side.

White Knight's "WHITE TRASH"





White Trash is the litter mate Sister to The Boss' Son(Aka Sonny)  she is out of J-Son and Miss Redneck. She is Full of drive! Maybe a bit too much for us at times.. When it comes to athletic ability she is really something else. She has GREAT pigmentation and has Great conformation.

You will hear a lot of American Bulldog breeders tell you about the Bulldogs history pertaining to their dogs and then they will show you a dog that is not much better than the English Bulldog of today (just bigger). Only unhealthier. They will also mention Bull Baiting and then they will show you their dogs doing weight pulling or protection. They will teach you that the original Bulldog was owned and used by butchers for Bull Baiting because it was illegal to sell a steer that wasnít baited first. You will learn that Bulldogs or Butcherís Dogs were once owned by butchers. Well they still are (of course I donít Bull Bait I Hunt Wild Hogs). I am the co-owner of Citarellaís Meats and Deli. A fourth generation family store since 1901. My Bulldogs can still do what the Original Bulldogs did. As well as the Original Southern Farm Utility dogs do. If you are interested in learning about or possible owning a True Bulldog every bit as good as its Original Ancestors,

Just give me a call at (732) 901-7701

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